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Some holidays are for relaxation and again, there are some holidays that are for experience. Tea bungalows are one such exhilarating experience where there is the amalgamation of two things – expansive lush tea gardens and awe inspiring hills that have a story of their own. I am a lover of extraordinary journeys and like to explore out of the ordinary destinations that can give me a feeling of being one with nature.

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A Nest to Remember

The first and foremost thing that attracted me to a tea bungalow holiday is the unmatchable place where I could stay – undisturbed and in peace. The old world charm, the brick and mortar slice of heaven and simple yet sophisticated rooms that ooze liveliness and grace was the major reason for me to take a trip to a tea estate.

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The idea was to spend the days in solitude and breathe in the scent of Mother Earth. The welcome was excellent with a steaming pot of aromatic tea and fresh home baked cookies. The pristine interior was modern to the core and yet retained the charm of yonder years.

Nibbles Of The Stay Time

Out on a holiday without good food is impossible. Any and every tea bungalow is a hub of rich local culture that easily translates to excellent food of those cuisines. Starting with the morning beverage – which was refreshing, and exotic tea of course, the breakfast had options of local cuisine or even that of typical English breakfast.

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Lunch meant having sumptuous food that was freshly made and imbibed with the love and talent of the local cooks. The exotic wines and champagnes just made my day and they were the perfect accompaniments to the delicious and interesting food. Evening time bought more joy and the array of mouth watering dishes was the ideal and much sought after end to the day of much journey and merriment.

Journey Around The Woods

When living in a tea bungalow, a steady and gay walk around the tea gardens is a must have experience. The greenery, the soft touch of the tea leaves and the methodical plucking of the tea leaves by the men and women is an experience of a lifetime.

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If in the mood, you can have a go at the tea leaves and pluck out a few leaves – just like a true blue tea leaf plucker

Inspire The Explorer In You

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With streams and rivulets abounding a tea garden, follow its path and become a part of the scenery around you as you explore it just like an explorer who wants to discover newer things and relish the feeling of being the conqueror.

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An early morning sunrise or a late evening sunset is dreams come true for those wanting to experience and savor each and every aspect of their lovely holiday. However, while enjoying is necessary, it is equally important to keep safety in mind. Never ever think of taking a night stroll or else you may be accorded a warm welcome by a leopard! That would not be a welcome idea for sure!

Night Time Bliss

The evenings can be spent on the verandah of the tea bungalow with a pretty lantern on the porch. Take out a book or chat with your partner or simply stargaze. The wide expanse of dark and mystery that abounds for miles around is not to be missed under any circumstances.

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Night time is the time when the real beauty of a tea bungalow can be experienced with a book, a cuppa and a reclined chair – experience the ultimate stress buster after a monotonous and boring city life.

So this summer head for a tea house – far from the madding crowd



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