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As one of the largest producers of Darjeeling tea, Ging Tea Estate, alongside its other sister gardens have been pioneers in introducing organic practices to the tea industry.

It is a 100% bio-organic garden, making its tea free from harmful chemicals under the strict guidance of IMO and Naturland certifications.

Apart from making world class tea, we don’t forget our primary responsibility towards both the soil and the people who reap it.

Preserving the eco system is one of our foremost drives and the locals of the estate have shown us the beauty of coexisting with the wild flora and fauna. With more than 60% of the estate left uncultivated, the mountain wildlife has not been disturbed. We are certified by Rainforest Alliance and we meet the HACCP standards.

Worker’s welfare is very important to us.

All our workers have benefits like free housing, ration and medical coverage. We ensure that the schools and hospitals, the garden is host to, are running well and the community is in harmony.

We have learnt how to make sustainability profitable. For example we provide interest free loans for animal husbandry which ensures additional income for our workers and in return we get organic manure for the soil.

We are proud members of Fairtrade and Ethical Tea Partnership and continue to work with them to improve the lives of the plantation workers.