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A trip to the tea estate will be incomplete without learning the secrets of the famous Darjeeling cuppa!

In the morning, the tour starts with a brief revisit of the several legendary stories of how tea travelled all the way from China to East India and we allow your imagination decide which one to believe.

Walking along the various sections of the tea garden, your guide will show you how the ‘two leaves and a bud’ are plucked from the bushes. During plucking season time, you can even see firsthand the pluckers with their wicker baskets and umbrellas on the job.

Take a break for lunch and join us for a tea picker’s rustic lunch.

Then we take you the tea factory to show you the timeless tea manufacturing process set in motion by the East India Company back in the day.

Learn the various steps going into making your perfect cup of black tea – withering, rolling, fermenting ,drying and sorting.

After feasting your senses to sight, smell and touch, the experience ends with the ‘tea-tasting session’ of the day’s brew.