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Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and meant to keep ourselves away from the stress of everyday life, but whenever the plan for vacation starts, the confusion between the beach and hill holidays stands tall right in front of us. The debate has been on ever since the birth of the Himalayas from the Tethys Sea and no one has ever been able to conclude which one is the better option for vacations. Even though both have equal charms, here’s enlightening on some of the reasons to choose hill over beach while planning a vacation.

Away from the Heat

In a country like India, where most of the country experiences more or less tropical climate, hitting the beach can be a bit uncomfortable .Going to beach for vacations will result in staying in a humid and moist weather with scorching sun can be uncomfortable and no one wants to spend their vacation uncomfortably. The hills, on the other hand, remains cool throughout the year with pleasant, dry weather, thus making it a perfect getaway destination. In order to escape the heat of the plains, heading to the cool and serene hills will always be the best option.


Nature is seen in abundance in every form in the hills. If you are a lover of nature or a bird watcher or a wild life photographer, hills should be your ideal destination as it will serve you a much vaster range of subjects for your hobbies in comparison to the beaches. Hills also boast of some of the best luxury tea retreat in India which you can visit in your hill vacation while beaches cannot offer you such natural beauties.

Good for Body and Mind

Hills are secluded from the everyday bustle of our life, but the very core of beaches centers around this bustle, be it the sound of the breaking waves or the constant buzzing of the tourists, if you want some moments of silence, very few beach in India will be able to offer you that. But if you are the one who loves to sit back and rewind amidst the silence of nature, you should opt for a hill vacation. The walk or the hiking in the hill will relieve you of your stress and also helps you physically by the constant physical activities.

Apart from all these reasons, hills also provides a wide range of adventurous sports like mountaineering, bungee jumping, river rafting etc but beach can only offer water sports thus limiting your choice.

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