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After working hard often in a monotonous job, every person deserves a break, from their tedious life. The weekends serves a perfect break for every working personnel, to escape from their tiring daily schedule and revitalize the mind and soul, to face their tedious routine for the coming months.

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To Sea or To Hills, That Is the Big Question

As several long weekends approach this year it is a good idea to plan fast and be the first to book as you are likely to get great rates. Most of you must be spoilt for choice as to which place to choose.

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Some who enjoys the beaches would surely hit for the nearby beaches, and many will go for hills. Like the Mumbai people whose quick break ends in Lonavala or Goa, the Bongs from Bengal also have their Digha and Darjeeling. But if you are among those who do not have any specific choice, which way to go can be your biggest dilemma.


The Rain and the Hills

If you are however looking for a quick break from Kolkata in the next few weeks, the hills can be a great choice. Many will vouch that no place can be as romantic as the hills, during the rains.


So why not spend your quick break rekindling your love with your spouse, family or with yourself, plus how can we forget the super comfortable weather. Else spend the vacation all to yourself – a good book and a warm cuppa can be the perfect recipe!

Romancing the Hills

The hills during the monsoon will offer you the widest shades of green, with colorful blooms, which itself will sooth your eyes. Enjoying walk in heavy shower and sipping tea in the light drizzle with your loved one, is sure to leave you all fresh, just like the green fauna and foliage in the hills.



The sudden heavy mist around your hotel balcony and the steaming momo on your plate can be as beautiful as the hills and its rustic tunes.


Not Fond Of Getting Wet?

And if you are not very fond of Hindi film romance and hate getting drenched in the rain, stay indoors. Sit on your balcony and witness the hills romancing in the rain. The rolling vales and the tea plantations will surely floor you with its beauty. Darjeeling is said to be the ‘Queen of Hills’ and it boasts of top luxury tea resort in India, so while you are still planning your weekend break, why not consider Darjeeling this year and fall in love with the monsoon again?


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